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The incidence of small early gastric cancer has increased, rapidly increasing endoscopic treatment.Since several inquirieswere sent to Medical Counseling on this home page, we'll discuss here endoscopic resection of early gastric cancer.

Endoscopic resection can also be indicated for surgically operable cases. In clinical practice, it has been reported that the response to this procedure is equivalent to that to surgery. However, the follow-up period is insufficient for evaluating long-term prognosis. Standard criteria of treatment response have not yet been established. Technical problems remain to be solved. In this issue, we'll present the course of early gastric cancer in a patient who underwent endoscopic resection by Strip Biopsy (concerning the procedure, please refer toeColorectal Tumorf of eDigestive Diseases and Treatmentsf).

gastric angle
Type II a early cancer was noted at the gastric angle.

gastric angle
Solution was infused into the basal area to elevate the entire lesion.

gastric angle
The lesion was held with a snare forceps and resected using an electrocautery (the muscle layer of the gastric wall appeared translucent and blue-black).

gastric angle
14 days after resection. The surgical margin was reduced.

gastric angle
78 days after resection. The surgical margin was more markedly reduced. Histological diagnosis on biopsy did not reveal any remaining cancer cells.